A family who were seriously injured in a car crash at an Austin, Texas, hospital in February are suing St. David's HealthCare for more than $1 million. The lawsuit alleges that the hospital was negligent in not having safety barriers in place to prevent vehicles from crashing into the emergency room. The Bernard family was in the lobby of the hospital when a car driven by Michelle Holloway crashed into the building. The lawsuit alleges that Holloway was unfamiliar with the car and accidentally lost control. The crash left all four members of the Bernard family seriously injured. The Bernard family's attorney, Sean Breen, argues that the crash could have been prevented if St. David's had installed bollards, which are vertical security posts. St. David's has said that it cannot comment on pending litigation, but it did not answer questions about its bollards. The lawsuit also criticizes St. David's for announcing a $953 million investment in healthcare infrastructure in 2022, but not spending money on bollards. The lawsuit cites a study by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute that shows bollards can be effective at stopping crashes.