A second sexual assault lawsuit has been filed against the Margaritaville at Sea cruise line this year, alleging an incident involving a hotel worker at the Wyndham Hotel in Freeport, Bahamas. The cruise line had arranged the passenger's stay at the hotel since she was not booked on the ship itself.

The lawsuit claims that the hotel worker assaulted the passenger and asserts that Margaritaville at Sea should have warned her about previous sexual assault incidents at the hotel and the general dangers in Freeport. The plaintiff’s lawyer argues that the cruise line had a duty to inform passengers about potential risks, especially in light of a U.S. State Department travel warning for Freeport.

This lawsuit follows another recent case where a Margaritaville at Sea passenger accused a ship bartender of assault. Both Margaritaville at Sea and Wyndham Resorts have yet to respond to these allegations.

Travel safety advice typically emphasizes staying in groups, though the lawsuit does not mention whether a police report was filed in Freeport.

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