The Maryland Department of Health is under intense scrutiny for the quality of care in its nursing homes amid significant challenges and leadership changes. This comes as the department seeks a new head for its Office of Health Care Quality, following the resignation of longtime director Dr. Tricia Nay.

A recently filed class action lawsuit has brought serious allegations against the department, accusing it of failing to meet its critical obligations. These failures include not conducting annual inspections of nursing facilities and neglecting to investigate complaints from residents. The lawsuit presents alarming examples of neglect, such as residents being left in soiled clothing and confined to beds for extended periods.

Additionally, the lawsuit highlights that out of over 13,000 complaints filed in the last three years, less than half have been investigated. The department is also accused of falling behind on the inspections required for facilities to maintain their licenses. This case underscores the urgent need for improved oversight and accountability in Maryland's nursing homes.

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