A new lawsuit alleges that former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin used excessive force on a woman named Patty Day in January 2020, months before the killing of George Floyd. The lawsuit claims Chauvin, along with his partner, pulled Day from her car and knelt on her back while she was handcuffed, causing injuries. This mirrors the actions used against Floyd later that year. The lawsuit argues that Chauvin's actions were part of a documented pattern of misconduct known by the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD). Day's attorneys allege the MPD had video evidence of Chauvin's prior use of force but failed to take any corrective action. Patty Day is seeking at least $9 million in damages from the city of Minneapolis for the physical and emotional injuries she sustained. This comes on top of the $35 million the city has already paid in settlements related to Chauvin's use of force, including the settlement with George Floyd's family.