According to recent news, a nasty Indianapolis road accident involving two heavy vehicles took place on northbound I-65 street, near Raymond Street. The accident was the result of a pick-up truck losing control and rolling off a bridge. This led to two teenagers being thrown off the truck and another juvenile being severely injured and trapped in the truck wreckage.

The Indiana State Police who arrived at the scene of theIndianapolis road accident stated that the damage to the vehicle and the teens laying on the ground was very bad. There was truck debris all over the place and the teenagers ejected were heavily bleeding and bruised. The third person who was trapped in the truck also suffered several injuries.

The victims, Kya Lasley and Meghan Murray, are both aged 17 and are from Trafalgar. They fell off the truck and hit the ground when the truck rolled off the bridge. The third child stuck in the truck is 10-year-old Keilyn Strauffer. All three of them were treated first aid on-site and were then rushed to local hospitals.

The ISP investigation reveals two trucks involved in the accident: the dodge pick-up truck driven by Lasley and the other being a GMC pick-up truck. The dodge truck was side-swept by the GMC truck while crossing lanes, leading to an initial crash. The dodge truck did not stop there as it went on to hit a guardrail and a concrete barrier. The driver obviously lost control at this point, and the truck was rolling off the bridge before any of the passengers could even process the extent. The truck then fell on the city roads beneath the bridge with a loud crash.

Lasley and Murray were sitting in the front seats, and as they were not wearing any seat belts, the force of the truck rolling off the bridge made them fall out of the truck and onto the hard road. The driver of the GMC truck was not injured. However, this accident clearly shows how harsh driving without seat belts can be. Since the wounded victims are juveniles, this incident serves as a clear example and a warning for people to drive carefully.

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