A single-vehicle car crash in Indianapolis, on the Eastside, injured two children, and one man losing his life.

According to the Indianapolis Metropolitan police department, the crash in Indianapolis occurred at around 6:25 pm at the intersection of 10th Street and North Gibson Avenue. This happened on Tuesday.

A black pickup truck was on 10th street, traveling eastbound. The accident happened when the vehicle driver tried to overtake another vehicle with double yellow lines. As a result, the vehicle hit a cemented ditch.

The male driver died on the accident scene, whereas the two children traveling with him were seriously injured.

The two children identified are of ages 4 and 8. Both were immediately transported to the Riley Hospital For children.

As per reports, the 4-year-old is in a critical situation, whereas the 8-year-old kid is serious but stable. According to the IMPD, no seat belts were in use. Also, there were no booster seats in use for children.

Further investigation on the accident is underway. There is not much information if the man was driving under the influence.

On the previous day, another car accident occurred on the southwest side of Indianapolis. This involved multiple vehicle crashes that led to killing one woman and leaving six people injured. There were two children included among the six injured.

Even a semi vehicle caught fire in the accident. According to IMPD, an ambulance was also involved in the crash. One of the six people is serious, and the others are stable, including the two children.

The Kentucky Avenue and Camby Road, as a result of the accident, remained closed for several hours as the investigation was underway. Call a car accident lawyer to deal with your accident case.

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