An Indiana State Police trooper was hospitalized after he was hit by another oncoming vehicle while investigating an Interstate 465 crash.

The incident happened on Sunday evening, January 2, at around 7:30 pm. The Indiana State troopers were investigating a crash that occurred at mile marker 19.3 on I-465. The mile marker was somewhere between West 56th Street and Interstate 65. They were suddenly hit by a vehicle that entered the investigating area.

The vehicle hit the patrol car, and the trooper sitting inside the cargo was injured and hospitalized.

An official statement on the trooper’s condition wasn’t released yet. However, according to Sgt. John Perrine, the injured trooper was alert and conscious.

As per ISP, the suspect is currently under investigation for driving under influence. The accused driver was not injured and is under further investigation. The identity of the driver is yet to be revealed.

As a result of the Interstate 465 crash, the four left lanes of the interstate were closed for almost two hours.

Another such incident occurred when an ISP car was struck by a vehicle being driven by a man suspected of driving while intoxicated. This happened around 6:45 in the morning when the state troopers were investigating a crash on I-65 near mile marker 249. A jeep hit a first responders vehicle and hit the ISP Dodge Charger.

However, due to troopers’ quick action, the injuries were avoided. The trooper saw the vehicle coming, and therefore, he jumped into the ditch as a safety measure. The jeep driver was identified as Hahkeen Bahhur, aged 30, resident of Orange, California. The accused was arrested and charged for life endangerment and driving under influence.

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