A pedestrian was killed in a northeast Indianapolis accident earlier this month. The crash reportedly happened near East 75th Street and Shadeland Station Way, located between Shadeland Avenue and Hague Road.

The fatal crash and the death of a pedestrian were brought to the attention of Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD)officers as various reports and calls were made to the concerned authorities. As soon as the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) received the information and the crash details, they got onto the scene around 7 P.M.

The inquiry process started, and the authorities started to talk to the witnesses and gather more information. The authorities mentioned that the driver of the vehicle involved in the crash hadn’t left the scene and was willing to cooperate with the authorities.

The authorities were keen on gathering more information about what may have caused the crash and checking the driver for a possible DUI arrest. The inquiry went on for nearly two more hours.

The authorities have made no particular remarks concerning the pedestrian who has lost their life in the northeast Indianapolis accident. The IMPD officers involved in this case are yet to confirm the name or age of the pedestrian. Furthermore, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) had collectively decided not to disclose any information regarding the circumstances that led to the crash to any media sources.

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