The daughter of Cora Kudelka is suing St. Anthony’s Care Center in Waco, Texas, alleging that negligence at the facility led to her mother's death from a UTI with MRSA. Kudelka, who fractured her hip in February 2022, was admitted to St. Anthony’s for rehabilitation after surgery.

The lawsuit claims that St. Anthony’s Care Center failed to provide adequate care for Kudelka, who experienced multiple falls and showed signs of health decline while at the facility. Although Kudelka was diagnosed with a UTI, the nursing home allegedly did not update her care plan to prevent further infections. Additionally, the lawsuit asserts that the nursing home did not properly monitor her condition or maintain accurate records.

Kudelka was readmitted to St. Anthony’s in June 2022, where she contracted a UTI again, this time with MRSA, a severe and hard-to-treat staph infection. Her health continued to deteriorate, and she passed away a month later.

The lawsuit argues that the negligence of St. Anthony’s Care Center directly contributed to Kudelka’s death. The family is seeking damages ranging from $250,000 to $1 million.