The family of James McGrath, a Fairfield Prep student, has filed a wrongful death suit against Raul Eliah Valle, the Milford teen charged with his murder, and several other teens involved in the attack. The 39-page lawsuit, filed by McGrath's father, Kevin, alleges that Valle's "deadly assault" was "willful, wanton and malicious," causing McGrath to suffer "extreme pain and suffering" prior to his death. Valle, 18, has been charged with murder and several counts of first-degree assault. He rejected an offer to serve 40 years in prison last year, opting instead to plead not guilty and face a jury trial. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and blames Valle for permanently destroying McGrath's ability to continue his education, engage in an occupation, earn wages, and enjoy life's activities. The family has filed claims against 22 defendants involved, including Valle, his parents, Raul Valle, Sr., and Clara Sanchez, accusing them of negligence and parental liability. The lawsuit also names several other teens who took part in fights at the Connecticut home where McGrath was killed and a prior fight at another party earlier in the night, as well as their parents. The McGraths have filed court documents seeking at least $10 million and $15 million in damages for those lawsuits, respectively.