Two high school students – Lendon Byram of Cathedral High School and Kalen Hart of Hamilton Heights, were killed in a Hamilton Heights crash while on their way to prom on Saturday evening, May 1, 2021.

Two more young passengers in the back seat were fortunate to survive, having suffered lesser injuries. They were transported to St. Vincent Hospital for immediate medical treatment. Byram was the one behind the wheels, accompanied by Hart in the front seat. They were both pronounced dead on the scene of the accident.

Their vehicle has collided with an SVU, whose driver also suffered minor injuries but denied any medical care on the spot at the accident scene. The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the case to determine the cause of the crash. The factors did not include alcohol or drugs; therefore, the actual reason for the vehicle wreck remains unknown until the authorities will reveal further details after proper investigation.

The news was first announced on the school’s Facebook page by Superintendent Derek Arrowood. Shortly after the Hamilton Heights crash, both schools made official statements, and friends and families also posted their condolences on their social media accounts. The district eventually canceled the prom celebrations, and arrangements were made for grief counseling sessions at the high school. The sessions also included prayers and community grieving from 2 pm to 5 pm for all students and families.

Deep condolences were shared by Arrowood himself, while Jody Bartrom Conaway, Kalen’s mother, expressed her grief via a post on Facebook. She has also requested a fundraiser for $15000, stating that the money will “help pay for funeral and burial expenses.”

Both families and friends, and colleagues from both schools have expressed their condolences on this tragic loss, many of them reminiscing the times they shared with Byram and Hart and their excitement to attend the prom celebrations. The community of Hamilton Heights is doing its best to help everyone affected by this incident to cope with their grief and support the families in the aftermath of the tragedy.

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